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Five latest Warehouse Receipts on ACE... for more

Five latest deals on ACE... for more

View MulanjeWHPeas,Pigeon Peas 16.99 MT
View MulanjeWHPeas,Pigeon Peas 16.99 MT
View MulanjeWHPeas,Pigeon Peas 16.99 MT
View MulanjeWHPeas,Pigeon Peas 38.19 MT
View MulanjeWHPeas,Pigeon Peas 38.19 MT

Total volume on warehouse receipts: 33,546.54  MT

23/08/2016Ground Nuts , CG7 Shelled 18.17 MT 900.00FCA
23/08/2016Ground Nuts , Chalimbana Shelled 15.30 MT 900.00FCA
22/08/2016 Beans , Mixed 45.00 MT 668000.00FCA
18/08/2016Peas , Cow Peas 2.00 MT 380000.00FCA
18/08/2016 Beans , Nanyati 1.80 MT 600000.00DAP

Total contracted volume: 244110.29  MT


Trade Opportunities now on ACE


Select group:  Select currency:                                     

 TypeWHRCommodityBid volumeBid valueOffer volumeOffer valueIncoDelivery DistrictCurDelMonth
SelectOffer Maize Grain, White Maize (non GMO), FAQ 15.00 MT 220,000.00 FCA NTCHISI MALAWI MWKAug
SelectOffer Peas, Cow Peas, FAQ 1,000.00 MT 700,000.00 DAP BLANTYRE MALAWI MWKAug
SelectOffer Maize Grain, White Maize (non GMO), FAQ 5.00 MT 220,000.00 FCA SALIMA MALAWI MWKAug
SelectOffer Maize Grain, White Maize (non GMO), FAQ 60.00 MT 250,000.00 DAP LILONGWE MALAWI MWKAug